VPN24 review

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Looking for a way to browse the Internet with your privacy and security intact? Well, you are likely thinking about buying a “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) service. 

VPNs offer privacy and security, however, they do much more than that! Many leading VPN providers unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, allow P2P/torrenting, enable users to bypass Internet censorship, etc. Naturally, VPNs are popular, and a growing number of VPN providers compete in this market. You could find it hard to choose a VPN provider out of so many options!

VPN24 is one such provider, and it’s from 24apps GmbH, an Austria-based company. This VPN claims to provide privacy and security, and it works on iPhone and iPad. Does it meet your requirements, and should you buy it? Find that out in this review.

The main features of VPN24

You would want a VPN service that offers useful features, therefore, let’s take a look at what VPN24 offers.

Your privacy at VPN24

Privacy remains the topmost concern of most VPN users, and VPN24 addresses this adequately. On the FAQ page of its website, VPN24 states that it doesn’t monitor, store, or log any data for any VPN user. The company clarifies that it doesn’t store connection timestamp, used bandwidth, traffic logs, and IP addresses. In effect, the company follows a clear “no logs” policy.

24apps, i.e., the company that offers VPN24 affirms this “no-logs” policy in its “Privacy Policy” page. It clarifies that though the company collects some personal information, that information doesn’t include the browsing activities of VPN24 users. 

The company mentions that it collects information like the IP address of the device where a user opens the VPN24 app, subscription information, operating system of the device, etc. However, 24apps clarifies that that moment a user starts the VPN24 app, his/her browsing activities are encrypted and such activities are invisible to ISPs and other 3rd parties. 

24apps also states that it processes whatever personal information it collects strictly in accordance with the applicable laws like GDPR. VPN24 users should have nothing to worry about this since this doesn’t concern with their browsing activities, and VPN24 doesn’t log their online activities. 

The jurisdiction of VPN24 is Austria, which isn’t a part of the “14 Eyes” countries that conduct mass surveillance. In summary, a strict “no-logs” policy and a jurisdiction outside the “14 Eyes” countries demonstrate the strong privacy credentials of VPN24. 

How does VPN24 provide security?

VPN users don’t want any compromise with security, and we are sure that you prioritize security features while shopping around for a VPN. VPN24 provides very little information about its security features, therefore, we recommend that you explore other market-leading VPN providers if security is paramount for you. 

The FAQ page on the VPN24 website states that it uses the most secure and modern infrastructure. 24apps states that the browsing activities of users are encrypted. Its website offers no more information about its security solutions like protocols used, encryption algorithms, encryption keys, etc.

VPN24 doesn’t state whether and how it prevents IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks. The VPN24 website offers no information about other key security features like “kill switches”, “perfect forward secrecy”, “split tunneling”, etc. 

Premium VPN providers are very forthcoming about the security features they offer, moreover, they explain how such features help their customers. VPN24 doesn’t do so, therefore, we recommend that you use VPNs that clearly demonstrate their security credentials. 

Where are the servers of VPN24 located?

VPN24 doesn’t mention how many servers it has, moreover, it doesn’t mention its server locations. The company only states that users that upgrade to its premium app can access all of its servers.

Prominent VPN providers have servers across many geographies in the world and they display this information prominently on their websites. Having a large number of servers across several geographies provide more options to their users, furthermore, a higher number of servers can help VPN providers to offer better speed. We recommend that you explore other market-leading VPN providers if you want the provider to have a large number of servers across different geographies. 

What platforms can you use VPN24 on?

VPN24 supports iPhones and iPads only. It offers no support for other key platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You get no support for routers either. 

This is a rather limited offering, however, VPN24 does allow up to 6 family members to use its app with one account. If you have a variety of devices across several platforms, then VPN24 doesn’t work for you and you should explore a VPN that supports a wider range of platforms. 

Unblocking streaming services using VPN24

VPN24 doesn’t claim to unblock popular geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. The company doesn’t mention any particular server or recommended connection settings to access such geo-restricted streaming services. 

If unblocking geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix is a reason for you to use a VPN, then VPN24 doesn’t work for you. Explore other premium VPN providers. 

Does VPN24 allow torrenting?

VPN24 doesn’t promise its users that it will allow P2P/torrenting using its servers. 24apps explicitly mentions in its T&C page that it expects all its users to respect copyright laws, moreover, it states that it terminates accounts that violate copyright laws. Users might use P2P/torrenting services to download files that aren’t protected by copyright laws, however, some users do use such services to download copyrighted files. VPN24 makes it clear that it won’t allow copyright infringements.

Add to this the fact that VPN24 is silent about allowing torrenting, and we can reasonably conclude that VPN24 doesn’t allow P2P/torrenting. If P2P/torrenting is your reason for using a VPN, then you should explore other market-leading VPN providers.

Bypassing censorship

VPN24 doesn’t indicate anywhere on its website that it allows users to bypass Internet censorship imposed by countries like China. If you are shopping around for a VPN to bypass such instances of Internet censorship, then consider buying another premium VPN. 

How much does VPN24 cost?

Pricing is likely a key aspect for you to consider when buying a VPN, therefore, let’s review the pricing plans of VPN24. This VPN provider offers 2 subscription options, which are as follows:

·  A monthly subscription, which costs $4.99 per month;

·  An annual subscription, which amounts to $29.99 per annum.

You need to buy them from the Apple App Store using your iTunes account. The monthly subscription includes a 7-day free trial, which renews automatically after the 7-day period ends. VPN24 doesn’t carry forward any unused portion of your free trial if you buy a paid subscription.

If you don’t want a paid subscription, then you should turn off auto-renewal in your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period. You also need to turn this off at least 24-hours before the end of a subscription period if you want to cancel the subscription. 

You need to pay using the available payment options in the Apple App Store. VPN24 offers a free app, however, it comes with ads and allows its users only a limited number of servers to connect. The premium plans have no ads. This VPN provider offers no refund.

VPN24 is expensive for the features it offers. Given that it supports only iPhone/iPad, you will find that it doesn’t offer enough value for money, especially you compare it with other premium VPN providers.

The pros and cons of VPN24

A quick summary of the pros and cons of VPN24 could help you to decide whether to buy it. VPN24 offers the following advantages:

·  It has a custom app for iPhones and iPads, which is easy to use. 

·  Its iOS app offers reasonable speed and a stable connection.

·  You can use it on 6 devices.

·  VPN24 has a “no logs” policy.

·  Its jurisdiction is Austria, which is not among the countries that conduct mass surveillance.

·  VPN24 offers a 7-day free trial period.

VPN24 has quite a few disadvantages, which are as follows:

·  It doesn’t support key platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, moreover, it doesn’t support routers.

·  The company doesn’t specify its security solution and doesn’t offer security features like “kill switch”, “perfect forward secrecy”, and “split tunneling”. 

·  VPN24 doesn’t mention where its servers are located and how many servers it has.

·  Its website is very basic and doesn’t offer a searchable knowledge base.

·  VPN24 offers support via email only.

·  This VPN provider doesn’t commit to unblocking geo-restricted streaming services, moreover, it doesn’t specify whether P2P/torrenting is allowed on its servers.

·  Given its features and platforms supported, VPN24 is expensive, moreover, it offers no refund.

A few quick facts about VPN24

We summarize a few quick facts about VPN24 for you, and these are as follows:

·  VPN24 is from 24apps, which is a company based in Austria.

·  It has a “no-logs” policy.

·  VPN24 claims that it’s a secure VPN, however, it doesn’t describe its security solutions and doesn’t offer specialized security features.

·  This provider supports iPhones and iPads only.

·  It has a monthly subscription plan, which includes a 7-day free trial period. It also has an annual subscription plan.

·  VPN24 has a free app that allows access to a limited number of servers and has ads.

·  This VPN provider doesn’t commit to unblocking geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, moreover, it doesn’t mention whether it allows P2P/torrenting.

·  VPN24 offers customer support only via email and has no searchable knowledge base on its website.

Is VPN24 easy to use?

You would surely want an easy-to-use VPN. VPN24 offers reasonable ease-of-use. Its website is quite basic and it doesn’t offer any guides or knowledge base. 

VPN24 offers an app for iPhone/iPad only, and you can install it from the Apple App Store. This app is easy to use, and it offers reasonable speed.

Customer service at VPN24

VPN24 offers customer support via email only. This doesn’t fare well when compared with market-leading VPN providers that offer live chat support, moreover, VPN24 provides no guides or searchable knowledge base on its website. Its FAQ page contains generic information, and you can’t get help from it if you need technical troubleshooting. 

Customer support is likely a priority for you when you are looking for a VPN, and VPN24 doesn’t offer too many choices. Explore other VPN providers if you need options like live chat support.

Where is VPN24 based?

Many privacy enthusiasts express reservations about VPN providers that have their jurisdiction in the “14 Eyes” countries, or counties like China and Russia. Such countries conduct mass surveillance, and privacy enthusiasts contend that a VPN provider with its jurisdiction in such a country will be forced by the government to share users’ data.

VPN24 has its jurisdiction in Austria, which isn’t one such country. If the jurisdiction of your VPN provider is important to you, then VPN24 scores well concerning this.

Does VPN24 keep logs of your activity?

Privacy-focused VPN users don’t want their VPN providers to log their online activities. VPN24 fares well here since the company maintains a strict “no-logs” policy and logs none of the Internet activities of its users. 

The company collects some information, e.g., the IP address of the device, the operating system of the device, etc. You need to buy VPN24 from the Apple App Store, and it doesn’t provide any personal information to 24apps. This VPN provider receives only the subscription/order information from the Apple App Store. This type of information doesn’t raise alarms for the privacy-focused VPN users since VPN24 doesn’t store any of their Internet browsing activity records. 

Technical security of VPN24

VPN24 doesn’t offer detailed information about its security solutions. The company states in its FAQ page that it uses a modern and secure infrastructure, however, it doesn’t specify which VPN protocol it uses. It doesn’t mention what kind of encryption it uses and what it does to prevent IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks. If you want assurance around the technical security of your VPN provider, then you should explore other premium VPNs. 

The short conclusion of our review

Choosing a VPN provider can be hard since many companies operate in this space. VPN24 provides VPN services for iPhones and iPads only, and it has a strict “no logs” policy. 24apps, i.e., the company that offers VPN24 has its jurisdiction in Austria, and this country doesn’t conduct mass surveillance. We conclude that the privacy credentials of VPN24 are strong.

However, VPN24 doesn’t throw any lights on its security solution, and the company only claims that it has a secure and modern infrastructure. It doesn’t offer any specialized security features. Given that VPN24 doesn’t support most of the key platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, we find that its offering is limited. 

The company maintains silence about unblocking geo-restricted streaming services, allowing P2P/torrenting, and bypassing censorship. VPN24 offers customer support via email only, and its website has no searchable knowledge base. 

Given its features and limited offering, we find that VPN24 is expensive. We recommend that you explore other market-leading VPN providers. However, if you plan to use a VPN for your iPhone/iPad only, then you can try its free trial period and see if VPN24 works for you.