Opera VPN

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Opera VPN is a free and easy-to-use VPN service that was founded by a company called SurfEasy, which is based in Toronto. This Virtual Private Network is built in the famous browser- Opera. This VPN provider offers you the chance to surf the Internet freely without being worried about your online security or freedom. It has a decent network of 10 servers spread across five countries in the world. It is available on a plethora of operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Soon, you will see much more interesting information about this VPN service. 

What features do you get with Opera VPN?

Although Opera VPN doesn’t have a vast array of features like some paid VPNs, it has a pretty wide range of features for a free VPN service. Every feature that it offers is of top-notch quality, and we will include them in the next list:

·  It’s free

·  Offers unlimited bandwidth

·  Some logging policy

·  One connection

·  Above-average connections speeds

·  Multi-platform compatibility

·  Unblocks Netflix

·  Easy-to-use

·  Has an FAQ section

Privacy and Jurisdiction of Opera VPN

Opera browser was developed in Norway, but the VPN was created by a company from Canada- SurfEasy. Canada is one of the members of the well-known Five Eyes Alliance. This is an agreement between five countries, who all share information about users on the Internet. So, if the Canadian government asks for information regarding you, this VPN would have to hand it to them. 

Opera VPN doesn't' have a strict no-logging policy, and we will tell you every detail about the privacy policy of this VPN.

This VPN can collect data like IP addresses. Although it stores logs about this kind of data, Opera VPN doesn’t associate it with your personal info like your e-mail address or your full name. It makes browsing histories, but they’re completely anonymous, so you don’t have to worry that much about your online privacy while you’re using this VPN provider.  When it comes to using the mobile Opera VPN app, it collects data like the browser you’re using and the operating system as well. Cyber-criminals could take advantage of that, but again this VPN service doesn’t reveal any info related to you. 

Like the majority of other free VPNs, this one also collects anonymous so it could sell it to third-parties. Your online anonymity will be well-protected with OperaVPN, although it collects some logs. 

This VPN service doesn’t offer encryption protocols like OpenVPN or SSTP, but instead, it uses a proxy that will successfully encrypt your Internet traffic. This might not be as good as some encryption protocol, but it will do a more than a decent job of protecting you while you’re online. However, recently a representative from Opera said to us that this VPN service has an encryption protocol to offer to the VPN users- HTTPS/SSL. This protocol will only encrypt the traffic that goes through the Opera browser.  

We wanted to be 100% sure that this free VPN is the right choice for protecting your online privacy and security. Therefore, we tested Opera VPN for DNS and IP leaks too. We’ve made the tests on a free and trustworthy website- ipleak.net. The results were satisfying, especially given the fact that this is a completely free VPN service. Opera VPN didn’t show our true IP address, and that means it has passed the IP leak test. Besides this test, we also conducted a DNS leak test. Luckily, the test has shown no IP leaks.

If you're a beginner when it comes to using any VPN provider, we'll explain to you what DNS leaks are exactly. DNS leaks can pose a serious threat to your online security if your traffic is redirected to your home network instead of the VPN connection. If you have DNS leaks, there's a big chance your ISP is aware of your Internet activities. Luckily, Opera VPN had no DNS leaks on our test.

How to get started with Opera VPN?

It’s really easy to set up and use this VPN service. Besides using Opera VPN on your browser, you can also download it on any mobile device of your choice. For Android users, you have to go to the Google Play store, find this VPN, download it, and install it. As for iOS users, you should visit the App store where you can download this fine VPN provider. Go through these next couple of steps, so you can get started with Opera VPN:

First, download and install the app of this VPN on your mobile device or install the browser add-on. 

After this go to Settings, and check the Enable VPN

Then, choose a server location of your choice, and you can begin to use this VPN provider

How much does Opera VPN cost?

Opera VPN is an above-average VPN provider that has a large number of users who are all more than happy with the services it has to offer to them. As we have mentioned before, this is a cost-free VPN service, which means great news for Internet users who don’t want to or they currently don’t have funds to purchase a paid subscription VPN service. For a free VPN, Opera VPN is a pretty good choice. We also compared this VPN provider to a couple of other free VPNs. We were amazed to see that Opera VPN was the best of all, especially when it comes to the range of features that it offers. For all users that are on a tight budget, this VPN service is the real deal. 

Also, because this is a free VPN, there are no payment methods. 

Torrenting and streaming  using Opera VPN

Opera VPN doesn't allow torrenting. A lot of people on the Internet use a VPN, among other things, for torrenting so they could stay protected from hackers and cyber-criminals. Hackers are frequently starting to attack Internet users through torrenting, and a VPN will protect you from them. Unfortunately, Opera VPN doesn’t encrypt your info and data, and even if you can torrent, this VPN will not be able to protect you. This VPN service will protect your IP address only while you’re using the Opera browser, and it won’t shield you from any other programs that you want to use. 

When it comes to streaming, this VPN unblocks the streaming platform- Netflix. So, if you like this streaming service and you want to watch its various shows and movies, Opera VPN will provide you that. Nowadays, there isn’t a more popular streaming service than Netflix. Back in 2011, this platform had nearly 50 million, but today, it has a couple of hundred million users, which is incredible. Users on Netflix like to binge-watch their TV shows. Right now, there are many people across the globe that want to watch full Netflix content, but they can't because of the region they currently live in. This VPN can help them by unblocking geo-restricted content, which means anyone will be able to watch the entire content of Netflix. With full access to this streaming service,  you can binge-watch any TV show you like. 

Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to unblock Netflix :  

·  The first thing you would have to do is download and install Opera VPN on your browser, and you can do that on the website of the VPN. To install it on your mobile devices, visit the app stores ( Google Play or App store).

·  When you've done this, you will have to choose a server location that will unblock Netflix. The best server you can select, in terms of speed, is the US server. Besides this server, you can also select the Asian and Europe server for getting full access to Netflix. 

·  When you’ve chosen your preferred server, connect to this VPN service. Then, log into Netflix, and have fun.

Which of your devices are supported by Opera VPN?

You can use Opera VPN on many operating systems. You’re free to use it on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and so on. When it comes to what devices you can use, you can select your PC, laptop, smartphone, or your tablet. Also, you can download the Opera VPN app on any mobile device of your choosing. The interface of the apps is straightforward, and it is very easy-to-use. There aren't a lot of options on the app, but for a free VPN, you will have all the necessary features that will protect you while you're surfing the web. The apps will give you a chance to choose one of three servers: Europe, The Americas, and Asia as well. If you're into streaming and you want to have decent connection speeds, we recommend that you choose the Americas server. 

This VPN service also has an add-on for the Opera browser, which is besides Chrome and Firefox, one of the most popular browsers on the Internet. What you must know about these browser add-ons is that they, unfortunately, do not encrypt the traffic that is routed through them. This means that you are quite vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks, and you definitely want to avoid them. In most cases, VPN users like the add-on because it offers good connection speeds. If you want to be protected online, it would be best if you do not use this add-on. 

Is there any customer support for Opera VPN?

When it comes to customer service, Opera VPN doesn't have any. This is quite unfortunate because many people who have only just started using a VPN provider will need help along the way. The only thing this VPN service has is an FAQ section. In this section, you will find answers to the most common questions that were asked by the users of Opera VPN. We hope, in the future, that this VPN offers users a live chat or even an e-mail address where they could send any questions they might have about using Opera VPN.

The conclusion of our review

Among free VPNs, Opera VPN is a pretty decent VPN. But, when you compare it to all VPNs, it certainly lacks a large number of features. The great thing about this VPN service is that it can unblock the famous streaming platform- Netflix. Also, it has above-average connection speeds. Opera VPN is good for protection while you browse on public Wi-fi networks, or if you want to get past censorship.