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Disconnect.me is a VPN service that is based in the US, where it was founded in 2011. This VPN has cutting-edge encryption protocols, 24/7 support, great security features, and many other interesting features. This VPN has been for nine years in the VPN industry, and it has required a reputation of being a safe and reliable VPN. Disconnect.me has millions of users, with over 100 servers in four countries/regions ( US, Europe, Asia, and Germany).

The main features of Disconnect.me VPN

Disconnect.me has a plethora of features. It has typical features, and it also offers features that you will rarely see at other VPN websites. Here are the features that this VPN offers to its customers:

·  Strong encryption protocols

·  Up to three simultaneous connections

·  Multi-platform compatibility

·  Great pricing plans with top-notch quality features

·  24/7 support

·  365-day money-back guarantee

·  Unblocks BBC iPlayer

·  Super-fast connection speeds

Is your privacy safe with Disconnect.me VPN?

Disconnect.me doesn't store your connection logs, browsing activity, or your IP address. It will only store the information that you willingly provide. This VPN is very privacy-friendly, so you should not worry that your personal data and funds will be endangered in any way.

You will be able to choose between two amazing encryption protocols. Those protocols are the OpenVPN protocols and IKEv2. OpenVPN is considered as the best encryption protocol among all protocols because it’s the most reliable and safest. The OpenVPN protocol is used for devices that have operating systems such as Windows and Android. The IKEv2 is used for devices that have iOS. 

The majority of browsers such as Google and Firefox store a lot of information about you. Those browsers store:

·  Your IP address

·  Your search terms

·  Cookie-ID- this ID is located in the cookie folder of your browser, and it identifies your PC or any other device that you use.

Here’s where Disconnect.me comes to help you. This VPN will route every search that you’ve made with this app through their very own servers. That way, your real IP address is going to be hidden from your browser, which is great. When you search terms with Disconnect.me, you will get a couple of pretty useful features:

·  A wide range of search engines- as you could presume, the default browser is Google, but you can also use the browser such as Bing and Yahoo

·  There will be no adds

So, with Disconnect.me, your search will be completely anonymous. Thus, your privacy will not be at any risk. 

Getting started with Disconnect.me

Disconnect.me is quite easy to use and to set up. On the website of this Virtual Private Network, you can find and choose which operating system would you prefer to use. Follow these steps so you can set up this VPN without a problem:

·  The first thing you should do is to install the Disconnect.me app and start the process of installation

·  The next step would be to click on the Next button which you’ll find in the Setup wizard

·  Then you must accept the License Agreement

·  When the installation is complete, you can establish a Virtual Private Network

How much does Disconnect.me VPN cost?

Disconnect.me is one of the best VPNs in the business. For such a superb VPN that has modern and super-safe apps, the pricing deals of this Virtual Private Network are quite budget-friendly, which means that almost anyone can purchase a subscription for this VPN. The majority of VPN specialists recommend that you should buy a pricing plan that will allow you to use the services of a certain VPN for a longer period of time because that way, you will save a lot of money, and the pricing plans will be a lot cheaper. Many VPN experts also suggest that you should purchase a one-year or even a multiple years plan. Some VPN services offer two-year plans, while some even offer three-year plans.

When you take the pricing plans of this VPN into consideration and compare them to other VPNs, you will see that they are much cheaper than the pricing deals of other VPNs. As a matter of fact, two of the three pricing plans that this VPN offers are free of charge. But that doesn't mean that they lack quality. In fact, the plans are top-notch quality. If you’re somehow not happy with the services that this VPN provides, you can choose the 365-day money-back guarantee. We’ve mentioned before that this VPN has millions of customers, so you can see that there aren’t a lot of people that have chosen that option. 

Here are the current plans for this VPN:

·  Basic plan - if you want to choose this plan, you can do it for free. The basic plan will provide users with free tracking protection for the browser that they use. It provides protection for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. 

·  Pro plan - if you want to choose this fantastic plan, you can do it free of charge. This plan offers free protection for iOS devices. 

·  Premium plan - if you want to choose this pricing plan, you will have to pay $50 per year. This pricing plan will ensure that their users have full VPN as well as tracker protection for their mobile devices. This plan is available for iOS, Android, and Mac OSX users. 

Users of Disconnect.me can make payments with credit cards. You can make payments with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. 

Disconnect.me for torrenting and streaming services 

Disconnect.me is great for torrenting and streaming services. It unblocks the well-known BBC iPlayer streaming platform. This VPN has a SmartDNS feature, which means you will have access to channels that are restricted in your area.

We’ve mentioned earlier that this Virtual Private Network works with BBC iPlayer. When you compare streaming platforms by network and service quality, BBC iPlayer is at the very top. In the last five-six years, the popularity of this streaming has risen significantly, mainly because people like to binge-watch BBC shows. What exactly is binge-watching? It's when you watch a whole season of a certain show in one day. Because of its popularity, there are a lot of people that would like to have full access to BBC TV shows and movies, but they can't because they only have limited access to the country they live in. Here's where Disconnect.me comes to help. This VPN will allow its users full access to all shows and movies at BBC iPlayer by unblocking geo-restricted regions. For instance, if you live in Russia, you can choose to use the US server, so you can get full access to the BBC iPlayer streaming platform. Follow the next steps so you can watch anything you like on BBC iPlayer from your country:

·  The first step would be to make an account on the webpage of Disconnect.me and install the app on a device of your liking.

·  Then you go and connect to a server in a country of your choice. The best server for streaming services is the US server.  

·  Insert your e-mail and password so you can log into your account.

·  Sit back and watch your favorite content on BBC iPlayer

Which of your devices are supported by Disconnect.me VPN?

Disconnect.me supports a wide range of devices and platforms. Users will have the chance to use this Virtual Private Network on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. In addition, on the website of this VPN, you can download the software for any operating system of your choosing. Also, you can use this VPN on gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One.

You can use Disconnect.me on many devices. You have the freedom to use it on your laptop, tablet, PC, or smartphone. If you choose the premium pricing plan, you will be able to use a maximum of three connections. You have to know that if you want to use all three devices simultaneously, those devices would have to have the same identical operating system. In addition, all of those devices can’t be connected to the same server if you want to use three devices at the same time. The great thing about having up to three simultaneous connections is that you can secure all three with only one Disconnect.me account. 

This Virtual Private Network offers a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. The browser extension will only encrypt the traffic that goes through a certain browser, which means you could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A browser extension is meant for users that prefer speed over privacy. You can install an extension for your browser, for free. When the installation is complete, click on that extension so you can establish a Virtual Private Network. In addition, you have the option to set up an extension that is going to connect automatically once you open your browser.

Something that is very important to remember is that when the installation of the Disconnect.me app is over, you can use an unlimited number of devices. This is possible for one reason. That is because the router is the device that is connected to the app of this VPN. When you install this VPN on your router, every device that is connected to the Wi-if in your house is going to be safe and secure. 

Disconnect.me for Windows

This VPN has a custom client for the operating system Windows, and it will let you connect to the location of one of their one hundred servers. Every user of this VPN has the freedom to download the Windows client from the Disconnect.me website.

Disconnect.me for Mac

The client for the operating system Mac looks just like the Windows client, and you can also download the software for Mac on the VPNs website. The Mac client uses the famous OpenVPN protocol. This protocol is encrypted by using a 256-bit AES cipher.

Disconnect.me for iPhone

If you want to use this VPN on your iPhone, then the best pricing plan to use is the Pro plan, which is specifically intended for iPhone users. It’s compatible with the popular iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. This client requires an iOS 7.1 version or a later one.

Disconnect.me for Android

This VPN also has an app for Android. You must use an Android 4.0 version or a later one. You can also download the Android client on the website of this VPN.

About the support and customer service at Disconnect.me VPN

The customer service is very important for the total impression of a certain VPN. Sure, speed, performance, and security are all relevant factors, but customer support will make or break your VPN experience. Luckily, the customer support of Disconnect.me is very professional and kind to the customers of this VPN. The customer support of this VPN is available every day, 365 days a week. You can reach the customer support team via e-mail. If you contact the customer support team via e-mail, you will get a response in a matter of hours. This VPN also has an FAQ section. In this section, you will get answers to the most common questions asked by the users. You will get answers to technical questions, security questions as well as answers about the VPNs performance.